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Welcome to Michael ross art
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Welcome to a world of colour, passion, and creativeness, that comes straight from the heart.

From the unusual and interesting life I have lived so far, described in my artists statement, to the bare knuckle ride of my art in all its wonderful genres.

Be prepared to be drawn in, to marvel, to wonder.

I believe I have the mind of a 6-year-old boy, the innocence, the sense of adventure, the 'he-who-dares-wins' attitude.

Do I create this art for others?

(Well, the commissions I do)

But essentially I paint because I like painting for myself, the fact that others may like and appreciate it as well, and indeed, having a 'part of me'

hanging on their wall or in a gallery, to me is a huge bonus!

So a big thank you to all of you!


To get the ball rolling, I find it exciting to try something where I have no idea of the outcome. In other words, it is new, and unrehearsed, as was this video of me revealing my profile

So? Let's talk. Browse all the paintings of mine. I invite you in to my colourful, friendly and artistic  world.
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